Construction waste removalists

Whether it’s debris from a renovation or waste left over from a new build, Waste Mates can pick up, sort and safely remove all of your site’s construction garbage. From homes to office buildings, there’s always going to be masses of waste, and rather than having your team stay on-site longer to remove it, wouldn’t it be better to outsource to a professional team that can schedule a regular pickup routine throughout the building process?

Flexible and convenient

Whether you have a large or small pile of waste that needs removing, our team acts fast and efficiently to guarantee a smooth and satisfactory service. We can even organise a weekly pick-up schedule to ensure the work site is cleared of garbage and debris before it comes unmanageable. Our complete construction waste removal service is designed for convenience so you don’t have to worry about a thing on your end.

Why Waste Mates?

On-the-spot invoices for simple and easy transactions

Covid-compliant practices with fully vaccinated staff

Able to cater to homes all over Melbourne (minimum charge of $132)

Affordable rates

Flexible services — same day callouts and advanced bookings available

Convenient and safe

Environmentally conscious construction waste removal

Rubbish removal isn’t just about taking every item to the tip, and when it comes to construction waste, there’s a lot that can be ethically recycled, such as scrap metal. Here at Waste Mates, we do our part for the environment by ensuring that all items are appropriately disposed of in the correct manner, mitigating their environmental impact and our company’s overall carbon footprint. We opt for a more conscious approach to our construction waste removal services. 

What we remove

Please note that we do not remove asbestos, medical sharps, used syringes, chemicals and other biohazards waste. 

Professional construction waste removalists

Waste Mates can provide waste removal services to both residential and commercial construction sites for your convenience seven days a week. We are also offering for a limited time, a 10% discount if you book two or more days in advance.

Call us today on 0432 644 510 or fill out our enquiry form below for a callback.

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* Minimum charge $132 inc GST *

Our team follow all Covid safe guideline practices and processes and we can assure you that all our drivers are fully vaccinated.

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