Recycling: Beyond Rhetoric Towards a Valued Sustainable Resource.

Livability, Beyond ‘Waste’.

You don’t have to look far to see reminders of the Recycling culture that has permeated our urban surrounds. The wastebins of varying colored lids take up so much space that our local governments have initiated programs that connect government with households to a collective response that is positive in every way. Every local government is connected to a National and State Waste Action Plan. The main objective is to reduce waste generated in Australia by 10% per person and achieve an 80% average recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030. This is big picture stuff. But I want to emphasize the home truths that it all begins with the self, the partner, and the family. To implement the simplest of gestures when in the shopping isle of any consumer endeavor. What you hold in your hand has to ask the question, or should, what is the use and life value of the object of consumption? How much use, value, over a period of time will it be in function, not in storage in function and where will it end up, or continue to be reused. That’s why glass, green waste, unlike petroleum based products have a future beyond the bin: reuse, and recycling.

A new app, that opens the door to empowering individuals, and communities through being aware of recycling, reuse and disposal solutions is a quiet revolution in that direction.  The site opens the door to that awareness that by scanning an item any item, the potential or lack of, the objects use value is presented. Its instant, scan, lift the bin lid and gone. It is an added value to the action of recycling, beyond rhetoric and the usual cliché. Each and every object is categorized and this implication is far reaching in refining our understanding and conceptual foundations of use-value, ‘waste’ and recycling.

Industry is responding to the challenge. ACOR, Australian Council of Recycling is an industry led collective that harness over 5 billion dollars of revenue and nearly 40,000 employees directly involve with the waste industry. ACOR incorporates an incentive for businesses towards innovative enterprises with research and development driven to recycle whenever possible. Like the recycling symbol literates, the emphasis is on a circular economy, where there is incentives to act on all levels.

All this comes back to the individual.  There is an encouragement and support towards waste reduction and smart practices and solutions. It does sound rhetoric yet each and every singular action and initiative has a value in the real world. Environmental resilience and sustainability starts at the shopping shelf/ cart and makes its first journey to the home. How long will it be of use in that space, and where will it go. Beyond landfill is the intention for reuse, and recycling. A use value that has direct impacts on all stakeholders in a world of liveability through sustainable, innovative, simple and practical information, applications and actions.

All 31 municipal councils in Melbourne offer advice, services in regards to waste removal, mitigating what ends up in landfill through good practices and leading program.

Darebin City Council, Hobsons Bay City Council, Melbourne City Council, Moreland City Council, Stonnington City Council,

Cardinia Shire Council, Nillumbik Shire Council,  Bayside City Council,  Brimbank City Council,  Frankston City Council, Hume City Council, Knox City Council, Maroondah City Council, Monash City Council, Whittlesea City Council. Beyond local government, you can call may reputable waste management services. They can be found on Google, Hi Pages, or you can call us at Waste Mates Rubbish Removal.

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