Planning your Rubbish Removal

Planning put simply is about saving time, and money.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffett, investor“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Rubbish Removal is about enhancing your space, your interior and exterior are lifted to another level by the clearing of space and opening it up to what is considered peace of mind.

Yet it requires a semblance of planning for it to run seamlessly and as simply as possible.

A plan is all about preparation and execution. Pin pointing what needs to go is at the discretion of the owner, yet a golden rule is what space it takes up within a functioning area. The other is use value, what you get out of an object, and the frequency of use. If something isn’t being used, may be hidden under a pile of ‘stuff’, or is in storage and never used, then these should be earmarked for removal.

Now do these objects have a life cycle beyond the notion of rubbish/junk. Can it be resold, can it be refurbished, does it have potential for upcycling. Then look at perhaps putting up on the web for sale. Facebook, ebay, gumtree are the usual suspects, and have proven their effectiveness. So go for it. It is a great way to recoup value through selling. Charity is another great way to sell your objects of sentiment and value. They will benefit the charity and the future prospective buyer. Make that list add it to your plan, and strategize how much you will sell, make your images shine and on which host site. Just go for it, and just do it smiling.

Recycling, of metals, timber (non-treated), cardboards, plastic, whitegoods, glass can all be taken via a trailer to your local depot, such as Cleanaway Brooklyn Resource Recovery Centre. Even your Local Government should have some sort of recycling resource centre, or they can steer you to a centre close to you. Melbourne is green cultured to support recycling. So do some googling and get that smart phone working for your planning and action. Fill up your boot, hire a trailer or borrow a mate’s ute.

Or you can call us at Waste Mates Rubbish Removal and we will action it with immediacy, professionalism, by pointing out what you want removed. Better still use your plan, by piling your unwanted goods,rubbish and junk in one place, we can quantify, you can quantify your rubbish through measuring the volume that is to be discarded. Better still, if you separate the materials, steel, glass, cardboard, plastic, you could save yourself more money because of the recycling properties and potentials.

Think it through, put pen to paper, or text to scree, put that plan in its place. Action it, make it a value that will make your home a dream, storage for what truly needs to be there. Get rid of that junk, by selling it or recycle. Good luck with your preparation and planning to succeed, where you can enjoy the peace and tranquility that space your home and you deserves.

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