Decluttering: Clearing of space opens that space to place, home and a sense of peace

Removing Excess.

When we speak of space at home or the office we also speak of storage. We are confronted by an accumulation of objects over a length of time. We find ourselves consciously or unconsciously feeling a discomfort, a dissatisfaction, a feeling of subtle unhappiness. We are inundated by objects that have no real purpose, other than to clutter our space, storage and mindsets.

The removal of objects, superfluous objects is the final stepping stone in the decluttering of space. Of course it is a difficult process of the removal, of dare I say rubbish removal as it is qualified by emotion. As each and every object has a memory attributed to it. Yet it stymies the present. To simplify ones environ from the complex overwhelming clutter of accumulating objects is ironically complex. It is a difficult process yet the rewards of a clearing of space, opens a sense of place. Less is more is minimalism as cliché. Yet the space sings through what truly matters in that space which is not objects, material trophies, but the warmth of human connectivity to place, its space, and the quality of objects as function and design.

Selling the decluttered objects, giving to charity, repurposing, upcycling, in a nutshell is a value driven enterprise. Rubbish removal is a last resort that unfortunately has a place in our consumer led society. It is a reality in a time when the accumulation of excess has been cultivated as a cultural norm. A normalizing, a process of homogeneity, that is a statement that this society demands that we accumulate, express that wealth through objects, to value oneself through the object. Then only to repeat, then repeat, you get the point. We measure our happiness through the measure of objects, its accumulation and its comparative value to other collectors of accumulated objects. Of how much it costs, how new it is in our current times.

Materialism has its consequences. The space that one inhabits is complex. To simplify it, to remove excess for the notion of want is completely different to what we need. For what we need is what anchors our hearts to being grateful, humbled by what we have and to value its function in making us happy through it being a conduit to connecting with other human beings in a space that is warm through simplicity, function, and subtle in making a space feel like a place we call home.

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