Renovations and Rubbish Removal

Planning Your Rubbish Removal. Renovations should be based on the methods of planning. Without it you will have problem upon problem. It is important to keep the site as clean as possible. This is for efficiency, effectiveness and should be planned from the outset. Access and egress is paramount. Waste recycled material should be stockpiled […]

Planning your Rubbish Removal

Planning put simply is about saving time, and money. “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffett, investor“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin Rubbish Removal is about enhancing your space, your interior and exterior are lifted to another level by the […]

The Art of Kitchen Demolition

Common Sense and Safety. Before you start your kitchen demolition there will be some professionals involved in the process: Plumber, Electrician, and Cabinet Maker. So if in doubt ask questions. And the more prepared you are you will mitigate any problems that may eventuate, the potential for saving money, saving time, and saving resources will […]

Recycling: Beyond Rhetoric Towards a Valued Sustainable Resource.

Livability, Beyond ‘Waste’. You don’t have to look far to see reminders of the Recycling culture that has permeated our urban surrounds. The wastebins of varying colored lids take up so much space that our local governments have initiated programs that connect government with households to a collective response that is positive in every way. […]

Thinking Local. Where Actions Become Global.

Change begins with the individual: One home at a time. Melbourne has always prided itself as a city connected to the rest of the world. It must date back to the Gold Rush era of the late Nineteenth century. It was a magnet for people seeking riches that has permeated to the present through our […]

The Art of Recycling Bricks

Materials That Tell a Story. Recycling bricks is not for the fainthearted. Actually it is for those committed to the ideal of recycling; one brick at a time. I had the opportunity recently to do just that. A rickety old brick fence, perhaps more than fifty years made of solid creams, needed to be removed. […]