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We understand as a real estate agent, you must be having a busy schedule to work with. So, you must not be getting time to clean up the property that has been recently vacated by the tenants or a deceased estate that is filled with unwanted items. Sometimes, getting a storage bin won’t help as there are enormous piles of rubbish materials that you may find difficulty storing in the bins. Also, if your potential tenant has asked to inspect the property today. But there is rubbish and broken trash everywhere around the property. And you want your property to look in its pristine condition as it was before. What would you do? This is where Waste Mates Real Estate Rubbish removal service can help you with.

At Waste Mates Rubbish Removal, we offer professional and same-day real estate clean-out services for all houses, and apartments in Melbourne. Our team has several years of experience in removing all sorts of rubbish left behind by the previous tenants in the property.  Following are the list of real-estate cleanup service we provide to our customers:

  • Renovation rubbish removal service
  • Removal of household junk from broken furniture to carpets and appliances.
  • Pre-Sale Cleanups
  • Deceased Estate Cleanups
  • Removal of green waste
  • And many more

No matter how much junk is left out, we will help you to clear out all the junk lying on the property before the next tenant arrives to inspect your property. Whether it is a one-room apartment or 4 rooms apartments, we will take care of all the issues urgently and timely. Our professional team works 24 hours 7 days a week and is flexible to help you to remove unwanted junk from your property even in an urgency. So, if your potential tenant is waiting to inspect your property today, contact the Waste Mate Rubbish Removal team to clear out all the junk from your property. Waste Mates Rubbish Removal is always available to respond to your request.

Get served by Melbourne's Leading Rubbish Removalist.