About Us

Our team is comprised of experienced, well-trained, and passionate professionals, who pride ourselves on the services we deliver to our customers within Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

Our rubbish removal services cover both the residential and commercial sectors, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment. Whether it be a domestic property, commercial business, or construction site, our waste removal services are tailored to suit each customers needs. Waste Mates Rubbish Removal is a quick, easy and affordable solution.

There is a distinct difference between the average rubbish removal company and the one that goes above and beyond. We are that difference.
Our team can handle the most challenging projects, bringing you a hassle free experience.

We are continually evolving in the ways that we deliver our services. Recycle, re-purpose or donate – that’s what we do to minimize the impact of your waste on the environment. We are a rubbish removal company that is ‘Green’ at heart.
Therefore, when you book with us, you can remain assured that we endeavour to put the environment at the forefront of our efforts. Waste Mates Rubbish Removal work towards creating a sustainable and clean environment for tomorrow.


We have a crystal-clear strategy in place as we strive towards making a sustainable future possible.


To deliver sustainable waste management solutions leveraging our expertise to deliver on the promises to our customers consistently. We aim towards generating superior value for our customers and our planet.


To help transform businesses and households by reducing the amount of waste by encouraging individual and corporate responsibility. We will make a sustainable future possible.


We will always tread the right path, keeping our highest standards intact. We will walk the talk and feel proud of contributing towards making a sustainable future. In our team, everyone will be allowed to play by their strengths.

Our team follow all Covid safe guideline practices and processes and we can assure you that all our drivers are fully vaccinated.

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